Torch beam

I met up with MPI and Lecht_ at the entrance to Burford's. The night was busy and it was inevitable that a small crowd had gathered to watch us enter. Most of them seemed more curious than anything. We waded through the deep water and entered the darkness of the drain.

Picture taking

We took an alternate route down a side tunnel, hoping it would lead out elsewhere on the river, unfortunately it proved to be a dead-end.


Continuing along, we found a wall dripping excessive amounts of water through the brick. Fortunately there was no flowing sewage!


We exited upstream and with the weather still acceptable, decided to visit Brisbane Darkie. Although I'd known of its location for a few years, I was yet to enter, put off by the recent construction of a large fence. It was certainly satisfying to finally see the catchment chamber!


We ventured a further along, through the glutinous mud. Most of the inlets were blocked off and the trunk was bricked up. Only MPI made the final stretch to the wall!


We exited the catchment much to the surprise (or lack thereof) of a nearby gathering, carrying our newfound soccer ball. The rain had held off, and a good night was had.